From the Desk of the Director

I commenced my position as the pioneer Director of Jeli Campus on 1 January 2012 with full hope and determination that I will be able to transform this campus to become the leading campus and become the pride of Universiti Malaysia Kelantan.  There were various obstacles which I have faced since a new operating campus comes with its shortcomings in terms of infrastructure and human resource to make it operate as an academic institution.

It has been more than a year in which UMK Jeli Campus has been operating, yet all the facilities and infrastructure available at this campus is still far from sufficient.  Much effort and action still needs to be undertaken and for the years 2013-2015, UMK Jeli Campus should ensure the sports facilities, infrastructure of teaching and learning, research also accommodations are sufficient in catering the constant addition of students and staff.

UMK Jeli Campus has developed a strategic plan to transform the campus to become well known together with the faculties that are in this campus, which has been stated in the “Jeli Transformation Programme” (JTP). JTP has outlined the necessary facilities and infrastructure that would ensure the Jeli Campus is able to be competitive and suit to be a competition towards other academic institutions.  My aspiration is also to develop UMK Jeli Campus to be relevant to the community, and play the role as a large contributor to the development of the Jeli District, whether in terms of physical development or, more importantly in terms of the ways of thinking of the community.  Effort towards strengthening internationalization is also a priority, especially in the effort to increase the number of foreign students who pursue their studies in the faculties of the Jeli Campus. The Jeli Campus Administration (BPKJ) holds the great responsibility of supporting activities at the faculty level to ensure excellence in academic affairs, research and commercialization, internationalization and consultation.

I honestly do not have the capability of leading all this development without the support of the university.  Persistent effort is needed in which I believe the Jeli Campus is capable of advancing much more rapidly with the condition that it receives full support from the university.  I will never give in for I realise that the journey of the Jeli Campus has only just begun.  I am also highly assured because based on the achievement of the BPKJ in its first year of operation (2012), it is ready to face new challenges in the upcoming years.  UMK Jeli Campus is now receiving much attention from various parties within and outside the country with many impressive community activities.  I am beginning to feel the spirit, culture and the love among the campus community and students to make this campus an outstanding campus in the near future.

I would like to thank everyone for the cooperation and full support, which has helped place the campus as a landmark in Jeli.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dato Sri Mustapa Mohamed, Jeli Member of Parliament, as the Minister of International Trade and Industry and UMK Mentor Minister who has always strived to uphold and support all campus activities.

I would like to also express my heartfelt gratitude to the Vice Chancellor of UMK, Prof. Datuk Dr. Raduan bin Haji Che Rose, and the campus community who have been patient with me.  Full effort from BPKJ members has been proven in the 2012 Annual Report which was first established to show the campus is a dynamic campus of UMK.  Indeed, I have no other intention than to witness the excellence and success of UMK and UMK Jeli Campus itself.


‘Anugerah bangsawan pilihan jaguh
Ikat bersulam jadi kebanggaan
UMK Kampus Jeli berjanji teguh
Menggarap kecemerlangan menggapai kejayaan’

Thank you

UMK Campus Jeli - "A Catalyst in the Transformation of Jeli ".





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