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Finance Unit Jeli Campus was established in March 2012 with a membership of a staff Assistant Accountant, W27 to help in finance-related governance in UMK Campus Jeli. In June 2013, a number  of four new staff members to report for duty in Finance Unit Jeli Campus. The appointment of staff in Finance Unit is subject to the appointment of the Treasurer's Office.

Treasurer's Office is responsible for the planning, implementing and monitoring of revenue generation as well as provide financial statements of university. Treasurer's Office has six divisions: 

  • Budget
  • Procurement
  • Payment
  • Account
  • Assets and Inventory
  • Receipts and Student Financial

Finance Unit Jeli Campus responsible to the Bursar's Office. There are two divisions only in the Finance Unit Campus Jelly namely: 


Payment Division

Payment divison consists of: -

  • Paymeny for Staff travel claims ( Claim Allowance / CA )
  • Payment to Supplier - Restricted to the direct purchase of RM10,000 ( AP )

Representatives from the University’s Department (PTJ)  will send the completed documents for payment to the Finance Unit . While having reviewed and the documents were complete , staff will stamp receipt in original and photocopy document . Staff will process the completed payment documents and takes less than 7 days until the date of cheque is printed . Original document will be posted to the Treasurer's Office for review and filing. The Treasurer's Office staff will send the cheque have been completed to the Finance Unit Jeli Campus to be distributed to staff and suppliers .

Staff salaries management are managed by staff in the Office of the Treasurer . For staff who wish to make application for savings charity can get the form at Finance Unit Jeli Campus and then will be sent to the Treasurer's Office for processing. The forms are as follows : -

  • Zakat Deduction Form MAIK
  • Deletion Form ASB Savings
  • Provident Fund Deduction Form Pilgrimage

The payment of honorarium ,Daily Part-time workers ( PSH ) salary , the application of advances payment, official travel advance, Local Order ( LO ) and other related charges implemented by the Treasurer's Office staff .

University’s department in UMK Jeli Campus ( BPKJ , FIAT and FSB ) is responsible for the allocation of spending wisely channeled . The task of the Finance Unit Campus Jelly limited to processing expenses to be implemented by each department.

Receipts and Student Financial Division

The duty of Receipt Division is to ensure that all revenue received will be bank into Bank Islam or Maybank and the temporary receipt will be given for every revenue received. The type of university revenue in UMK Jeli Campus consists of :

  • Stickers for Vehicle ( Car / Motorcycle )
  • Fine for any losses such as student or staff’s matrix card,clinic book, room key, parking and etc.
  • Rental ( campaign site space / cafe / mini -market )
  • Course registration ( course code Add / repair credits / appeal for review axamination result)
  • Tuition Fees ( Student Undergraduate / Postgraduate )
  • Other university revenue collection

Every day, the responsible staff will prepare denomination based on three different kind of revenue which are management account, student account, and trust fund. The revenue received will be bank in into the Bank Islam or Maybank. Temporary receipt will be sent to the Treasurer's Office and e - receipt will be issued. Subsequently, the processes of posting e - receipt to the SAGA system will be done by the Treasurer's Office staff .

Futhermore, the Finance Unit Jeli Campus is able to solve student problem that relate with semester fees for every semester.  To facilitate the payment of fees, staffs are authorized to collect semester fees from student since the location of Bank Islam is far from UMK Jeli to pay their semester fess. In addition, the division also manages: -

  • Student Enrollment Confirmation Letter for  EPF

Verification letter for student status and the management of sponsorship or loan to students (PTPTN or other sponsorship), is entrusted to the Student Affairs (HEP) Division. The refund for student fees will be performed by the Treasurer’s Office if certain students pay their fees more than their semester fees.

Home to the website of Treasurer's Office:


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